FsPlot JavaScript charting library for F#

FsPlot is an interactive data visualization library for F# powered by FunScript.

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Google Charts

Google's powerful and free data visualization library based on HTML5/SVG technology.


A powerful HTML5 charting library for creating rich interactive charts. Free for non-commercial use.

PM> Install-Package FsPlot

The package comes with a bootstrapping script that references the necessary components and sets the directory containing Chrome's driver. If you're using NuGet then load the FsPlotBootstrap.fsx script. If you're managing packages with Paket then load the FsPlotBootstrap-paket.fsx script.

You have two options for sharing the charts you create:

  • Upload the chart's HTML source online ;
  • Export a PNG screenshot of the chart as shown in the example below.



  • .NET 4.5
  • Chrome